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108.09.19馬祖校區開學典禮Lienchiang County (Matsu) is composed of 36 islands, including Nangan and Beigag. With a total area of about 36 square kilometres. It is known as a string of pearls sprinkled from the sky outside the Minjiang Estuary. Because of the lack higher education in Matsu, high school graduates must leave their homes to study in universities elsewhere, resulting in population migration that may affect the economy of the islands. Therefore, all residents were eager to set up a university in Matsu.


Matsu has a population of over 10,000 people approximately, that is difficult to set up an independent university in consideration of cost-effectiveness. The feasible way is to set up a branch of an existing university to share the research resources of the school-based departments through appropriate curriculum design so as to accord with economic benefits. National Taiwan Ocean University (hereinafter referred to as NTOU) is an internationally renowned marine professional university with complete departments of marine related disciplines. Accordingly, with the request of the mayor of Lienchiang County and the legislators, a branch of NTOU was established in Matsu to demand for higher education in Matsu satisfy and increase employment opportunities.


NTOU after the approved by the Ministry of Education on October 16, 2015 by letter No. 1041139513 of Taiwan Higher Education (3) since the 106 academic year (August, 2017), established three types of bachelor degree programs (Marine Biotechnology, Marine Engineering Science and Technology, and Marine Management) in Matsu campus, integrating the teaching resources of NTOU, emphasizing cross-disciplinary, integration and professionalism.

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