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Career Possibilities

The purpose of this program is to solve the problem of lacks of higher education in Matsu, cultivate talents and create employment opportunities in Matsu. Therefore, the students of this department will take short-term internship in Matsu during the semester or summer vacation, and half a year internship in Fujian Province, China, that will improve the students’ learning and accumulate work experience, which will be helpful for future employment.

In addition to the major courses of marine biotechnology, simultaneously students also choose any second major within marine biology domain (life science, aquaculture science, and food science) as two main major courses, which enhance the possibility of potential employment opportunities both in Matsu and Fujian Province, China for students. And its employment industries analysis is as follows:

Life science domain:

Further study
Graduate institute of Biotechnology-related study
Graduate institute of Chemistry-related study
  Graduate institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-related study
Employment trends
Academia: Institute of Industry and Research, Institute of Food and Industry, Academia Sinica, Researchers or Assistants of Public and Private Universities , Biology-related departments of colleges and universities, Teachers in schools.
Industry: biotechnology, optoelectronic and chemical industries, fermentation industry, protein medicine and other industries.
Public Administration: Biotechnology-related institutions and local governments such as Ministry of Science and Technology, council of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, Ministry of Health and Welfare. Other indirect-related institutions such as council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive yuan, Ministry of Economy affairs, and Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.

Aquaculture science domain:

Further study
Graduate institute of Aquaculture-related study
Graduate institute of Life sciences, Biology and Biochemistry-related study
Graduate institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology-related study
Professional and Technical Examinations: Aquacultural technologist
Senior Civil Service Examinations:Aquaculture technology, Fishing technology, Marine resources, Environmental protection technology, Biotechnology, Agricultural chemistry, Environmental conservation, Biodiversity, Chemical engineering, Health inspection, Environmental inspection, Agricultural, livestock and aquatic product inspection, Product inspection and Health technology.
Junior Civil Service Examinations:Aquaculture technology, Fishing technology, Health technology, Marine resources, and Environmental protection technology.
Employment trends
Aquaculture industry, Aquaculture consultant company, aquarium company, marine museum, Feed research and development, Biotechnology-related industry, and Taiwan ICDF Overseas Volunteers Service/Taiwan Youth Overseas Service for our partner countries.
Government agency: Council of Agriculture, Fisheries Agency, Fisheries research institute, Local government Fisheries Section or Tourism Section, Fisherperson’s Association.
Educational establishment: Teaching faculty in biology-related universities and institutes, Maritime and Fishery Vocational High School, Junior high and elementary school teachers, Academia Sinica or other research institute researcher or research assistant.
  Others:Medicine, computer information, trade, finance and insurance ,and teaching faculty in schools.

Food science and technology domain:

Further Study
Graduate institute of food science-related study
Graduate institute of Biotechnology-related study
Graduate institute of Microbes and biochemistry-related study
Professional and Technical Examinations:Food technologist.
Senior Civil Service Examinations: Food hygiene inspection, Environmental inspection, Agricultural, livestock and aquatic product inspection, Product inspection, Agricultural chemistry, and Biotechnology.
Employment trends
Food industry: Uni-President Enterprises Co., Wei Chuan Foods Corporation, Great Wall Enterprise Co., Ltd., A.G.V. Products Co., Lian Hwa Foods Co., McDonald's, Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd., Kuang Chuan Dairy Co. Ltd., Lucky Royal Co. Ltd.,Ve Wong Co., Vedan Enterprise Co., The Quaker Oats Company, Laurel Co., La Uchine International Food Technology Co. Ltd., Gallant Ocean International, Inc., K&K Foods, Okulin Enterprise Co., Ltd, E G Sain Inc., Isabelle., Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Limited, Gemfont Corporation.
Fishery industry: Fwusow Industry Co. Ltd., Taisun Co. Ltd., Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company, GROBEST etc.
Governmental institutes: Council of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture, Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Food and Drug Administration, Industrial Development Bureau, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, Ministry of Science and Technology, The Bureau of Local Public Health.
Research institutes:Academia Sinica, Development Center for Biotechnology, Fisheries Research Center, Food Industry Research and Development Institute, China Productivity Center, China grain products research & development institute.
Educational institutions: National Taiwan Ocean University (Department of Food Science, Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Department of Aquaculture), National Taiwan Ocean University (Institute of food science and technology), Tunghai University, Providence University, Fu Jen Catholic University, National Chiayi University, National Penghu University, National Pingtung University, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, National Ilan University, National Quemoy University, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science, Tajen University, Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology, Yuanpei University of Medical Technology, Taipei University of Marine Technology, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, National Keelung Maritime Vocational High School, National Penghu Marine & Fishery Vocational High School, National Su-Ao Marine and Fisheies Vocational High School, Taoyuan Municipal Longtan Senior High School, National Pei-men Senior Agricultural and Industrial Vocational School.
Others: Instruments and apparatus company, logistics industry, Trade industry, Marketing, Management, service industry, Agricultural science information center, Good Manufacturing Practice, Eurofins Panlabs, SGS.