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Degree Requirements

  1. Students study in Keelung campus in their first year, sophomore year in Matsu campus, and junior to senior year in Keelung campus. Biochemistry (I) and Biochemistry Lab. (I) apply during the first summer vacation of freshman year in Keelung campus.
  2. Regarding required courses, the programme does not acknowledge the credits by another department in sophomore year.
  3. English level requirements for graduation:
    1. TOEIC score 600 includes above or another English language test equivalent to it.
    2. Students can take extra credits of English courses if fail the English test.
Difference Score Course Specification
TOEIC score 550 below Improvement of English language Intermediate English (included in graduation credit)
TOEIC score 550~600

Intermediate English (included in graduation credit)

TOEIC score 600 or above No requirement of extra English courses
  1. The minimum course credits for graduation are 128 credits, 98 credits for required courses and 30 credits for elective courses. Students should apply and obtain one of the following degrees or certificates from the Departments of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Aquaculture, Food Science:
    1. Double Major Degree
    2. Minor Degree
    3. Sub-Specialty Certificate
  2. Elective courses such as Military Training or National Defence Education are recognized as graduation credits at most 2 credits.
  3. Credits of Physical Education are not included in the minimum graduation credits of this program.