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Traffic information

I. Keelung Campus

Refer to NTOU official website: Home→President and NTOU→Traffic information

Details can be obtained from: http://traffic.ntou.edu.tw/ntous/ (Chinese Version)


II. Matsu Campus

A. By aircraft (Refer to UNI AIR)
  1.To Beigan
  1. Taipei Songshan airport→Beigan airport, around 50 mins
  2. Beigan airport→bus towards Tangchi station to Banli Village→walk towards NTOU Matsu campus
  2.To Nangan
  1. Taipei Songshan airport→Nangan airport, around 50 mins. / Taichung airport→Nangan airport, around 65mins.
  2. Nangan airport→car towards Nangan Fuaogang Harbor→cruise towards Beigan Baisha Harbor(20 mins)→bus towards Banli Village →walk towards NTOU Matsu campus
B. By cruise (Refers to Shinhwa Cruise)

Keelung West Harbor→ Dongyin (Dongyin to Matsu) →Nangan Fuaogang Harbor →Beigan Baisha Harbor → bus towards Banli Village → walk towards NTOU Matsu campus

C. By shuttle boat in Beigan and Nangan (Refers to Harbor Nurea of Lienchiang County)

Take a shuttle boat from Nangan Fuaogang Harbor to each islands: Beigan (Baisha Harbor), Dongyin (Zhongzhu Harbor), Dongju (Meng’ao Harbor), and Xiju (Qingfan Harbor).

D. By bus in Beigan and Nangan(Refers to Bus Dynamic Information System of City Bus Management Office, Lienchiang County)
  There are two bus routes-Mountain and Coast lines between Beigan and Nangan, NT$15/per person. NTOU Matsu campus (Banli Village) is located beside Beigan Banli beach /Beigan tourist centre, both bus routes pass by.
  Details can be obtained from: https://www.matsu-nsa.gov.tw/user/Article.aspx?a=128&l=2