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I. Course overview:The minimum graduation credits are 128 credits, 98 credits for required courses and 30 credits for elective courses.

Students should apply and obtain one of the following degrees or certificates from the following departments, such as Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Department of Aquaculture Science, of and Department Food Science: 1. Double Major Degrees. 2. Minor Degree. 3. Certificate of Sub-Specialty.

II. Introduction:The main course planning of this department consists of three parts: required courses, elective courses and internship courses. The following points in each section:

Service Learning – Campus Service

  1. The total service learning is 18 hours in the first semester, and 2 hours in the report-sharing course. Therefore, students must apply for 16 hours on the service learning platform.
  2. The program Service is 6 hours. Students are divided into groups and register in the program office.
  3. For the remaining 10 hours, students may register online in "Service Learning Course Platform" to participate in interesting courses.
  4. If there are other services that are not registered in the system and suitable for students, please contact the office of our department for further information.

Global Marine Industry, Marine Industry Inspection

  1. Purpose of the design: It aims to enhance students' practical knowledge and abilities. Meanwhile, strengthen students’ professional skills in the workplace, and enhance employment competitiveness and possible opportunities.
  2. Planning direction:
    1. The school contacts and arranges students to visit and practice internship in industrial units in Taiwan, Matsu or Fujian Province (China).
    2. The program will arrange several visits at different times. Students of this program should participate in the whole process.
    3. Students hand out a complete final reports of each visiting itineraries.
    4. Visiting Experiences of marine industry (not arranged by the program) can also be included in the final report of this program.

Biochemistry(I), Biochemistry(II)

  1. The courses will be taught during the summer vacation between freshman year and sophomore year (July) in Keelung campus.
  2. If students are unable to attend courses during the summer vacation due to personal planning, please submit the report for withdrawal in order to avoid failing grades.